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Business Continuity

The Calling Tree Company can provide your company with a bespoke, corporate branded solution to your Business Continuity calling tree and plan distribution requirements.

We take the excellent one-touch calling tree and add another dimensions allowing you to break out by department or team. Add additional features such as maps, departmental documentation, team procedures, conference call details and agendas and you see where the power of this solution comes from.  Click to see the DEMO.

Mobile DR Solution

Windows Phone 8.1 coming soon

The App is available for all major devices: iOS, Android, BB10 and BlackBerry. Because the app is deeply integrated with the core functionality of the phone (call, text, email) each app is custom built to take full advantage of the features of each device.

It works equally well on the tablet versions giving large screen access to your data.

  • The best mobile BCP and Call Tree App

    Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, BB10, all of them? - whatever devices you and your staff have, the app is simple to deploy, requires no user configuration and takes up very little storage space on the device.

    Your Business Continuity plan and calling trees will be on your users devices with secure access giving you the best chance they will have the Disaster Recovery/BCP information to hand at all times.

    What we deliver to you

    - Bespoke BCP/DR App for your organisation
    - Branding to match your corporate identity
    - Simple admin console to maintain the data
    - Smart way to distribute info and call trees to your staff

    Key benefits

    - Improved buy-in for Business Continuity
    - Users have all the information needed in hand, 24x7
    - Data accessible any time with or without mobile internet
    - Updates automatically downloaded in the background
    - Individual access is controlled by you, centrally and instantly
    - Users can update their own selected information through the App

    We offer a completely bespoke application design service for corporate clients wishing to control branding and delivery to devices. Secure access controls and central admin enables you to kill access to the app instantly whether the user has their own device or is using a ocked down corporate hand set.

    See SERVICES for more details.

  • BCP App for iPhoneDropping the paper lists saved pounds

    Being a teacher in a school where kids drop in and out regurlarly means forever updating lists and contact details. Nannies are changed as often as nappies and The Calling Tree helps me keep things up to date with very little fuss.
    Paper based calling trees and phone lists are not only a waste of natural resources but the inks, electricity, bleach and chemicals used in producing the sheets are also adding to environmental mess - centrally managed call trees and contacts update automatically when people move, change number, change name, leave or join - so simple to keep up to date its childs play.

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